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The Neverending Story: Cultural Evolution and Narratives

Lecture 9: Fake News

‘Fake News’ is a serious contemporary issue that has garnered much discussion. This lecture explains how its cultural success can be better understood by how it exploits several of the biases covered in previous lectures and demonstrates the value of a cultural evolution approach to the issue. In the exercise you will compare ‘fake news’ to genuine news, to assess if it does exploit content biases.


Slides: (pdf)
  Instructions (pdf)
  Work sheet (docx)
  Model answer (pdf)
Fake news:
  Pence, human suffering (pdf)
  Morgue worker gives birth (pdf)
  Clinton emails, sex ring (pdf)
Real news:
  Pence defends faith (pdf)
  Mortuary attendants steal from dead (pdf)
  Comey criticized over Clinton emails (pdf)

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